Casement Windows


Lower Your Energy Bills


Palpai's high-performance windows and doors are designed to hold in the desired inside temperatures and keep out the cold, wet and extreme heat. Our manufacturers use energy-saving Low-E glass that reduces the amount of heat lost, while letting in maximum light.

Easy Pull Tab Screens

These unique pull tabs allow for simple removal of your screens and come in a variety of colors to match your windows perfectly.

Self Closing Lock

When you close your window, our innovative locking system automatically locks the moment the window shuts. Now, you will be at ease when you’re sleeping or have left the house, as your home is secure with Palpai.

Easy Cleaning Window

Our easy-to-use sliding windows allow for safe and simple cleaning of your windows right from inside your home.

Go Green

Palpai offers several unique glass coating types which help to keep your home warm in the winter and cooler in the summer. These special coatings reflect heat back to its source, whether it be the sun or furnace. Plus, they are near-invisible—letting in maximum light while saving the most energy.

An Array Of Colours


Palpai extrusions come in ten colours – anthracite, chestnut brown, cocoa, espresso, hickory, ivory, midnight black, sable, sandalwood & white. These UV-resistant overlays, with an embossed wood grain texture, will remain attractive for years to come.

Interior Finishes

You can enjoy the warmth of an oak interior finish with our white, light oak, kolonial oak and paintable-stainable finishes. Other options available are walnut, hickory, espresso & midnight black.

Finish It Off With A Grille

The beauty of your windows can be enhanced through traditional or contemporary grilles, available in three profiles: 1/4”square, 5/8” flat and ¾” contour. All grilles are available in colours to match our window and door exteriors, as well as metallic, pewter and brass.

Grille Configurations

Regular Squares This grille option allows for a classic window look divided by even squares. Prairie The alternative grille configuration provides an unobstructed view and achieves a picture frame look.

Grille Types

Between The Glass (BTG) Our BTG grilles are encased between the two panes of insulating glass, leaving a smooth surface that’s a breeze to clean. Simulated Divided Lites Our SDL grilles look like traditional divided light grilles, but offer the outstanding performance of our energy-efficient windows.

Self-locking Hardware


Self-locking hardware provides homeowners even greater security and peace of mind.

Bronze Tint


Glass that features a bronze tint can cut down on the amount of glare and heat entering a building.

LOF (Libby Owens Ford)

LOF – Pilkington Energy Advantage Low-E is the best glass for most applications in a northern climate. It has a very high retention rate of the heat in your home in winter and prevents heat gain in summer. It provides free winter heat for your home. Since as much as 95% of your energy expense for heating and cooling combined is for heating.

Obscure Glass – Frosted

Obscure glass provides an effective shield without shutting out the sun. Obscure glass is particularly useful for bathrooms, basements or along walkways.

LOE 366 (Cardinal)

LoE 366 – Is recommended when cooling costs outweigh heating costs in your energy usage, or where summer discomfort from heat build-up should be an important concern. This is the best glass for most applications in a southern climate. It has a very high reflection rate of the radiant outside heat to prevent heat gain in summer and in winter.

Obscure Glass – Glue Chip

Obscure glass provides an effective shield without shutting out the sun. Obscure glass is particularly useful for bathrooms, basements or along walkways.